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SWAN is dedicated to supporting victims and survivors of domestic violence as an initial point of contact to help get your life back. We provide tools, education, and resources for victims for victims of domestic violence and their families. We are a 501(c)3 organization and have provided services to women and families in the Phoenix area since 2007.

We rely entirely on donations from our communities and do not receive any federal or state funding. Individuals like you donate the resources to help us continue supporting victims and their children that call upon SWAN for assistance. We also receive help and support from our local businesses and churches around the Phoenix area.

picture of tauheedah
Tauheedah C. Jabaar – Executive Director

Tauheeda’s vision is to serve abused victims and families fleeing violent situations with the need to rehabilitate their lives.

Once a victim of domestic violence herself, Tauheedah has committed her life to helping other victims of abuse. Tauheedah has spent 8 years volunteering to support victims and survivors of domestic violence. She has attended hours of training to help better understand the dynamics of domestic violence and how to be an empowering advocate. This includes continuing education through Arizona Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence and Maricopa Association of Governments. Read More

She has been a member of Speaker’s Bureau at AZCESDV through victim impact statements. Tauheedah has spoken throughout the greater Phoenix area to students, judges, healthcare providers, Florence Prisons, Maricopa County Integrate Health Systems, Arizona State Capitol, local businesses and churches. She has volunteered and served on many committees to organize community awareness events focused on domestic violence. Tauheedah’s passion to serve the victims of domestic comes from her personal experience when she escaped her abuser-husband in 1993. Traveling from Atlanta, GA with 8 of her 9 children, she fled on a Greyhounds bus and arrived in Phoenix, Arizona with only 53 cents in her pocket.

She worked tirelessly with 2-3 jobs at a time to provide for her children and often in the face of hunger or looming bills. Tauheedah was evicted twice and eventually had to resort to leaving her youngest children with trusted friends for 5 weeks as she struggled to find a new home for her family. During this time she lived in a van with her older daughter, parking undetected in the parking lot of her more recent job at Home Depot many nights. In the morning she would wake up before dawn to use the facilities and clean up for her work day.

In 2007 Tauheedah was presented the Courage of Conviction award from the Arizona Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence. The Courage of Conviction award is given by the coalition to acknowledge the contributions of any person who best exemplifies the mission “To lead, to advocate, to educate, to collaborate, to end domestic violence in Arizona” and the person receiving this award would demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • Working towards the empowerment of victims or survivors of domestic violence and their families
  • Works toward the prevention and ultimate elimination of domestic violence. Provides leadership and representation on behalf of victims of domestic violence
  • Demonstrates the highest ability and dedication to advocating on behalf of domestic violence victims
  • Provides education and awareness to communities
  • Demonstrates commitment and desire to build collaborative partnerships to improve services and safety for victims of domestic violence

Previous Speaking Engagements

  • Channel 12 News Arizona’s Children with Tram Mai
  • Maricopa County Hospital medical staffing
  • Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG)
  • Florence Prison – Impact of Crime on Victims Class (ICVC)
  • Apollo College Victim Impact Statement
  • Various Phoenix hospitals
  • Junior high schools
  • Arizona rotary clubs
  • Surveillance officers
  • Parole officers
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Leonard "Storm" Jabaar - Officer
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Maria Robledo - Officer