Support Group

We provide group sessions where facilitators give women information and education about domestic violence. It also provides women the opportunity to share their feelings with other that are going through similar experiences. Victims lean on each other for support, advice, guidance, and encouragement. The group focuses on empowerment and healing.

Resources Needed: Notebooks, paper, writing utensils, self-help books

South Phoenix Healthy Start Program

Young mothers and their children attend this program to sharpen parenting skills, heighten self-esteem, and embark on a way of life that will benefit the future of raising a healthy family.

Resources Needed: Gift cards, pantry items, clothing, furniture donations

Basic Necessities Program

Many women fleeing abusive situations do not necessarily need to stay at a safe house, but need other assistance to meet the basic needs of their children. These necessities can include food, clothing, gas, utility payments, rental assistance, and automotive repairs.

Resources Needed: Grocery cards, pantry items, gas cards, clothing, monetary donations

Teens and Tweens

Most families who seek help from SWAN arrive with nothing beyond the clothes they are wearing. This is extremely difficult with teenagers. Young children are entertained with toys and coloring books, but teenagers are typically missing phones, tablets and video games. They are also missing their friend privacy of their own space. We try to assist the needs of our teenagers with gift cards to get a coffee or a dinner out.

Resources Needed: Games, laptops, tablets, gift cards, makeup


Our heart and passion is for our future generations to not have a need for shelter. We focus on education for teenage girls and boy about health relationships. SWAN strives to prevent domestic violence in future generations through education, the arts and awareness.

Resources Needed: Printing materials, education booklets

Seasonal Events

Family Sock-Hops to show our love on Valentine’s Days with great music and better friends. These fun events include family portraits, dancing and games. Our photography and media are supported by BRINGDASTORM productions.

Resources Needed: Venues, food, drinks, party favors

Holiday toy drives help us raise awareness for SWAN victims while giving children an opportunity to experience the holidays. These events include snacks, beverages, and pictures from Santa.

Resources Needed: Toys, high traffic venues, snacks, drinks